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A short turn-based space shooter.  Collect as much food as you can, then head back to the first level to exit and save your starving space colony.


  • UIO/JKL - aim your ship.
  • D - Accelerate
  • F (or S) - Fire a shot, if you have ammo (you're limited to three active bullets).
  • E - Boost (higher acceleration if you have boost fuel).
  • R (or W) - Grab a powerup or use an exit.
  • Space - Do nothing (continue to move at the current velocity).


  • Left stick - aim your ship.
  • A - Move (accelerate or coast based on left-stick position).
  • X - Fire a shot, if you have ammo.
  • B - Boost (higher acceleration if you have boost fuel).
  • Y - Grab a powerup or use an exit.
  • Right bumper - Afterburner (if you have boost fuel).

In-game objects:

  • v and ^ - Exits (down and up).
  • Green things (+, z, B, w, C, etc.) are items you can pick up.
  • & (orange) - food.  Collect this and and escape the asteroid alive to save your colony.
  • v (red) - turrets.  Rotate towards you and shoot every so often.
  • O/o (purple) - acid jellies: kill you if they touch you, split in two when you shoot them.

If you run it from the command-line, you can pass a number to be used as a seed for generating the levels, or pass `-f` for fullscreen.


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yam-of-endor-0.6-win.zip 3 MB
yam-of-endor-0.6.app.zip 5 MB
yam-of-endor-0.6.love 189 kB
yam-of-endor-0.6-win32.zip 3 MB
asctiiroid-7drl-win32.zip 2 MB
asctiiroid-7drl-macosx.zip 4 MB
asctiiroid-7drl.love 80 kB

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this game is fun!

I find myself waiting for my ship to drift to the right spot a lot though and it gets a lil repetitive, especially if I die by misreading my distance to the wall. 

Looking forward to any updates!

Yeah...I haven't really touched it in nearly two years, but after the Roguelike Celebration I'm thinking I should find time to make it into a bigger game. Map editor, more enemies, more interesting roguelikey interactions between things.

Re waiting: to some extent you have control over the game speed. If you want it to take less real-world time you can go "slowly" and hammer the space bar, or go "fast" and take fewer turns but more risk. In either case, it's useful (sometimes essential) to turn around ahead of time so you're already in position to stop. And the afterburner can help stop quickly too. You can only hold ten turns of afterburner fuel, but that's enough to save yourself a few times.

Re distance to the wall: yeah, I'm aware of that as a problem, but wasn't quite sure what to do about it. All the collision volumes are a circle that fills a full hex: the size of the shield circle. Except maybe the baby jellies? And this was the font size where the characters all fit, but of course they aren't round. Hmm...maybe an option that shows the circles for everything. All the walls are centered on their hexes, so you can use the background hexes as a guide, maybe?

Glad you had some fun with it!